One of the biggest successes FMP experience is your success.

Do you know millions of people have an idea to write a book?

Some even sit down and start…others finish and nicely tuck the manuscript in a draw never to touch it again.

It is a triumphant event when you complete a book. You have harvested that book from your soul. Now it is time to present that book to the world.

Free Mind Publishing understands the process of getting a manuscript to book publication. We have the skills you need to reduce your stress. Free Mind Publishing staff take the time to understand you and your work. You are not just another author. We care about your success. This is why we offer a three, six, and twelve-month follow up after you complete your service with us.

Stop waiting to publish your book. You now have the support you need to get your message out.  It is time for you to experience the power of expression!


We want you to keep 100% of the rights to your book.

We want you to keep 100% Royalties.

We believe in the art of writing and the power of expression.


We walk you to success, not rush you to the checkout line with professional coaching while you are in the publication process.



Pre-Publishing Services

Certified Writers Coaching

Draft Evaluation

Book Title Survey

Pre-publishing Readers Service

Publishing Services



Ebook Formatting


Cover Design

Back Cover Content

Copyright Services

ISBN# Distribution


Post-Publishing Services

Marketing Strategy

Video Trailer

FMP Website Advertising

Post-Publishing Coaching

Sales Slum Prevention

Self-Teaching Courses

FMP wants to be with you from beginning to end. We offer three levels of services to meet your needs.

Email us today at or click here to schedule a free consultation.



Publishing Packages

We offer three different publishing packages that will meet your individual need. Choose your service below.

Installments available upon request.


Tier One Service

  • Professional Editing
  • Professional Formatting (Traditional and Ebook)
  • Cover Design
  • Back cover content
  • FMP ISBN Number & Bar Code
  • Copyright Services
  • Worldwide Traditional (paperback) Book Distribution
  • Worldwide E-Book (Kindle) Distribution
  • Free Marketing on FMP Web page
  • Video Trailer
  • 100% Rights
  • 100% Royalty
  • Writer’s Coaching
  • Publishing Coaching
  • Marketing Plan
  • Sales Copy

Tier Three Service

  • Professional Editing
  • Professional Formatting (Traditional)
  • Worldwide Traditional (paperback) Book Distribution
  • 100% Rights
  • 100% Royalty


Self-Teaching Modules

Free Mind Publishing is here to reduce your learning curve, saving you time, energy, and money. However, we understand if you must learn on your own. FMP offers simple and easy self-teaching modules to assist you in the process of self-publishing. FMP will provide educational videos, tele-course, and more to help you stay current in the writing world. Our staff stay in the know so that you can stay in the know. Visit our products page to find the module you need. 




Writing Coach

Time is a precious commodity. Save this gift by getting the support you need to release the book in you. You now have access to a Certified Professional Coach, who understands the process of writing and publishing. This makes your vision of a published book even more tangible.

Struggle no more with being confident in your writing. Get the support of Demetrica Mathews, CPC and published author to assist you in the process of releasing the book in you.

Start Today, click here to learn more and schedule a free consultation!




Have questions about our services? We want to hear from you. Click here to send us a message.


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