What we do:

Free Mind Publishing is a self-publishing service focused on providing professional support to writers and authors who are self-publishing their book.

What we believe:

To Free Mind Publishing, writing is a creative art relevant in all markets.

How we do it:

Free Mind Publishing offers each writer/author strategic writing, publishing, and marketing support to produce excellent reading products.

Forward Thinking

Our forward thinking is focused the legacy you will leave with your writing. Books are forever!

Problem Solvers

FMP solves the problem of a long-term learning curve. Letting you forget about the process of self-publishing and focused on your writing.

Customer Support

Do you have a question or need assistance? Our customer support team focus is to give you the best outcome.

Our Story

Starting from the humble beginnings of Virtual Assisting, Free Mind Publishing was created to assist emerging Writers and Authors with publishing their creative works. After going through the challenging process of self-publishing Demetrica developed a way to make this easier for others. She built a team and began focusing her attention on emerging writers. Using her virtual assisting, writing, and self-publishing skills, she and her team began to assist writers in producing great product in addition to leaving a great legacy.

Free Mind Publishing’s mission is to provide professional self-publishing services to all Writers and Authors, who are producing revelation, inspiration, knowledge and positive entertainment globally. Free Mind Publishing is here to bring freedom to the mind of the writer in an effect to encourage more writing.

Editing Team

Editing Team

Editing/Proofreading content

Our editors have years of experience with both editing and proofreading. They have great consideration for your creative work as well as your readers. Our editor’s professional purpose is to organize your manuscript, making it ready for publication, and to ensure quality above all else. The top tasks of our Editors is to create the greatest impact on your readers with clarity and readability.

Design Team

Design Team

Illustration & Cover Design

Our Design Team create cover designs and interior illustration. The goal of the Design Team is to create book covers and content designed to attract the reader. The Design Team has several combine years of experience purposed to provide cutting edge, eye-catching, and professional looking products.



Pre-publishing Review

What is a Reader? A Reader is highly familiar with a specific genre of published content. Readers preview content and offer suggestions of enhancements. FMP hires readers who are dedicated to each client’s genre and are experience with providing productive feedback. FMP Readers stay abreast of the latest developments in several genres and know what is widely desired by readers in this genre.

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