Express Yourself and Expand Your Reach
The Keys 
to Navigating Self-Publishing

You did it! You put pen to paper, fingers to keys and manifested your thoughts, dreams, or visions in a manuscript. Now it is time to take it the next level. It’s time to release your manuscript to your ready readers.

If you’re ready to get your book in the hands of a ready reader, but don’t want to go through the long process of traditional publishing, self-publishing is your solution.

What’s So Great About Self-Publishing?

Navigating From PC To Publishing 

This book will give you honest answers about self-publishing like…

  • Managing your Royalties how to get a greater return on your investment
  • Marketing tips – avenues for getting your book out to the public
  • Common challenges – moving beyond them

    • Knowing the kind of work it take to connect with readers
    • The deadly results of stagnation
  • 8 essential resources you must have to go from your Personal Computer (PC) to Publishing provided by FMP



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